Meet Jenny


Jenny Maastricht grew up in Silver Lake, Wisconsin and was a Fine Art major at the University of Wisconsin- Madison. She was an All- American there and led her team to the Div 1 NCAA Championship’s her senior year. After college she played on the US National Team and professionally in Spain and Puerto Rico. Post Volleyball she coached and worked in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sales here in Los Angeles. After 4.5 years of pursuing art and doing Medical Device Sales she transitioned to doing Fine Art full time.

Her long term goal with Heart Art is to create an online gallery of fine art made by amazing artists close to her heart and an awesome place for art buyers to come buy their art.

Jenny’s Work

Jenny’s persistent search for perfection in the imperfection and intent to discover love where there is no love brings order to the abstracts with color and balance. She uses many different materials to work with and create on. Her favorite types of art to create are large abstract pieces, particularly life drawing, pop art and different styles of altered photography and mixed media. Her favorite types of canvases to work on are any type of wood piece, brushed metal, surfboards, skateboards and gallery wrapped canvas. Her main focuses are large commissioned works and custom home art installation.

Artist's Philosophy

Central to Jenny Maastricht’s art practice is a willingness to be open to all possibilities and embrace the elements of hard work, discipline and luck. Jenny spends much of her time focused on producing new and interesting pieces as expressions of her physical, mental and spiritual training. Being an athlete has taught her to be disciplined, show up even when you don’t feel like it, open your “other” capacities and play in the zone as much as possible.

Having a career ending injury has taught her to enjoy the moment and to have as much fun as possible. Pushing herself in sport has brought her to love and appreciate discipline and the physical body for what it is and also to realize it isn’t everything. After the injury, like most people, she was able to see the parts of herself that were underutilized and under nourished. She incorporated the dreaming and receiving right brain with the left brain’s discipline, planning and execution to carry out an extremely creative, ever changing heart centered art business. And just like any injury where the body has to come back to balance in order to function at its highest- she tries to impart this same balance into her artwork and installations as well.

Thank you for coming to Heart Art- Enjoy!